Character Information
Cinsiyeti: Female
Türü: Human
Arkadaşları: Unnamed Green-Overall Girl, Aberdale Hospital Worker, Clarence (formerly in Patients)
Düşmanları: Clarence (in Patients)
Akrabalar: Unnamed orange haired woman (mother), Unnamed purple shirted man(father)Stuart (baby brother)
İlk Gösterim: "Money Broom Wizard"
Seslendiren: McKenna Grace

Tinia is a minor character in Clarence. She had her first major role in "Pastalar".


Tinia is a short little girl. She has dark brown hair, wears a pink long-sleeved jacket, a red skirt and black shoes.


On the outside, she may be a sweet and cute girl. But on the inside she is mischievous and manipulative. She doesn't seem to know why, but she does it. An example of it was shown in "Patients" where she made Clarence do tasks for her only to frame him for stealing her candy.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


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